We are so excited to introduce you to our 101 Book Series: Collaborative published books loaded with enlightenment of Invisible Diseases and more. These stories are written by people just like you, who were diagnosed with disease(s), and their stories will be brought to you in the 101 Series.

This is our first collaboration book for FIBROMYALGIA sufferers.


Now your journey can help encourage their journey.

WHY 101 FIBRO? Author Susan Parker Rosen will also tell her journey as a Senior Citizen, who has suffered with Chronic Fatigue for as long as 30 years and Fibromyalgia for 26 years.  For most of those years, she suffered day in and day out, while working a full-time job. At times, she would wonder how she would make it through each day. Sadly, the first 10 years of suffering from this horrid widespread pain, Fibromyalgia was not yet recognized by the Medical Providers. Susan would often self-medicate, reaching for anything she could to provide relief. Since Susan is an author, it has been in the back of her mind over the past few years of her writing career to write a book on this subject. For whatever reason, other creative ideas pushed their way to the forefront and past this project….

Things happen for a reason!

One day, Susan Parker Rosen was in the “Story Board” process of writing her story on Fibromyalgia. Suddenly, it occurred to Susan, although written from the heart, her story would not be as engaging and encouraging as numerous stories from other sufferers around the world. 101 FIBRO was born!

Our Collaborators are joining as we speak, see some of them pictured below. They are folks just like you and me. They suffer from the severe pain of Fibromyalgia.

Koreen Pacher, Delaware

“I’m 56, married, and suffer with Fibromyalgia. My hobbies are gardening and soap making using my home-grown herbs. I look forward to telling my story in 101 FIBRO and spreading the word about Fibromyalgia.”




What people are saying about this upcoming publication:

“I truly believe this will help so many people”

“A collaboration would add a stronger foundation to get the word out, in the forefront to other sufferers and their loved ones.”

“I don’t just want to read this book, I want to be in this book!”

Anonymous, Texas

I worked in the art world my whole life. That is a silly Glamour Shot. As y’all may know, I can no longer wear makeup due to Fibromyalgia allergies; this was a one day thing, 4 yrs ago with false eyelashes! They made me look beautiful. No airbrushing though! My story in 101 Fibro will give you insight into how to grow past this disease.



Isabel, New Jersey  RIP 8/28/31 to 4/3/17. Susan Parker Rosen’s beautiful Mom,  resided in a nursing home. She was so looking forward to writing about her life as she suffered from Polymyalgia and Fibromyalgia. With symptoms of severe pain, weak legs, and severe dizzy spells, she found it difficult to be mobile.  Although both diseases are different, Isabel wanted to pass on the wisdom of aging, while suffering from these diseases, and what aspects of Fibromyalgia exasperate the pain from Polymyalgia. Her daughter Susan knows first hand about her mother’s pain, and will write the story for mom. The 101Fibro book will be donated in her honor.


There is no cost to become involved with 101Fibro. We are asking that if you like what we are doing a we do accept donations of any amount. We have a Donation Button on the right hand side of this website, through Paypal. Thank you in advance if you do decide to donate, but please note it is NOT required of our collaborators.

Here is your invitation, as a Fibromyalgia sufferer, to join in this exciting publication! Read more here.

Sign-up up now to reserve your slot.


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The spots go quickly!

Our experience with collaborations has shown people enjoy getting the word out on various subjects, and spots in those publications move quickly. Don’t miss out!

Once 100 spots are gone in this publication, you are not guaranteed a spot. If you want to know how many spots are available, please join our Facebook Group; we will keep everyone up-to-date there.

Recently, with the support of her husband, her family, and close friends, Susan Parker Rosen started this project, 100 individual stories from Fibromyalgia sufferers. If you also suffer from Fibromyalgia, you are invited to join us in this publication!

101 FIBRO = 100 stories + story by Author Susan Parker Rosen

101 FIBRO will not be a clinical publication. This will be a collaboration of wonderful, loving people and their journey living with this, not only painful, but also misunderstood disease. Being misunderstood by others, some who tend to think that it’s all in our minds has been one the toughest hurdles by sufferer’s.

Note: Thinking of signing up? Your privacy will be protected. If you do not want to use your name, we can publish your story anonymously. We want to thank our first three collaborators of “101 Fibro.” No worries; we won’t ask you for your photo. These were our first three Fibromyalgia sufferers to join the 101 FIBRO collaboration, and they agreed to share their photos with others to help Fibro Sufferers cross all barriers. We are located all over the world and both men and women are sufferers of this disease. Those of us who suffer with this misunderstood disease, live with pain and other horrid symptoms of Fibro. We have so much to tell!

But the real key here is that all our lives are different; this is the main reason we are asking you to join us in this collaboration.


Your will automatically enrolled in our 101FIBRO Special Newsletter Program to keep you updated in the collaboration and publishing process of the book, provide tips to writing and perhaps a Fibromyalgia tidbit. Only our writers are part of this special newsletter program!

Here is one of the actual special newsletters that we have sent out to our collaborators. Join us and be a part of something very exciting!






14 thoughts on “101 FIBRO

  1. Laura Escandon

    I thank you for inviting me for this wounderful oppertunity. If there is a slot open for me I would love to add my story. I think what you are doing is great and I wish you much success.

  2. Wendy Readdy

    I think this is a brilliant idea. I too would love to tell my story and hope there’s a slot for me. Best wishes


    1. admin Post author

      Wendy, thank you for signing up! Keep your eye out for our emails providing submission and publishing updates.

  3. Donna Short

    I want to make sure I am signed up and have a spot saved. My story is in progress and I am so excited about this amazing opportunity.

      1. Dona Schreckengost

        I am 51yrs old. Chronic pain has been a part of my life for 22yrs. Fibromyalgia has altered every aspect of daily life. Doctors don’t seem to have a clue as to what to do let alone understand what this disease is. It’s terribly difficult to get out of bed and trying to do anything causes horrific pain and fatigue. I will never give up and I pray daily. God Bless all who suffer from fibromyalgia. Together we unite. Love to all.

  4. Inge Perreault

    Hi there,
    I am a published author with 5 books to my credit and hundreds of articles published in magazines and newspapers. Mostly articles about nature, animals and travel but also funny ones about the aging process and trends. My husband and I retired to the Island of Sao Miguel in the archipelago of the Acores in 2006, the first 4 years were wonderful even though prior to the move I had episodes of CFS and depression. My physical strength had been deteriorating since I was struck by the Epstein Bar Virus which was not diagnosed correctly until I had my first blood-test here in the Azores. In 2010 I had a second surgery for a prolapsed bladder and intestines, shortly after that I began my struggle with Fibromyalgia. We have wonderful physicians here in Portugal and I was diagnosed properly 8 months later, referred to the pain-management department of the local hospital where i receive my pain-medication free of charge. (Portugal has a great health-care system). First the Fibro was limited to my legs, my physician recommended physical therapy and hydro-therapy which I continue diligently. A few years ago it moved into my arms and hands, osteoarthritis struck and every passion I had in life has been stolen from me by this disease. I can no longer hike in this beautiful nature surrounding me, no longer ride the highest waves or swim with the dolphins, I can no longer sit for long amounts of time and my pain-levels are especially bad in the mornings. I was told not to spend too much time on the PC and miss writing even though the Fibro-fog interferes but I will be 71 in June and look a lot younger. I took my website down because on it I published “The Azores Journal” and I had so many inquiries for assistance in regard to moving to this little corner of paradise that it became too much like work but I post it every month on face- book where you can find it. How long a story are you looking for? I would be happy to contribute under my own name and with my photo because the disease that stole my life does not show on the outside. Kindly get in touch with me via my Email. Sincerely, Inge Perreault

    1. admin Post author

      Inge, we are interested in your story. i do not have your email address so kindly fill out the “Sign-up” form to be a writer. There is no fee for this.


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