Now your journey can help encourage their journey.

Let’s face it; each of us are going through our own journey in life. We have unique lives, our own families, friends, co-workers; therefore, life experiences with this disorder, Fibromyalgia, could never be the same. Fibromyalgia displays different levels of pain and in different areas for each person suffering. Not only that, but many of us have various “Sister disorders” that one Fibromyalgia sufferer may have and another not have, the most popular being Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

This project depends on 100 Fibromyalgia sufferers, and their story to be a part of an enlightening and encouraging book. You need not be an experienced writer; if you haven’t written anything in years, please do not feel left out. We will have at least one editor looking over your stories and making any changes to your submission. There will be no judgement. The stories are important here. You can submit your story and have it published as “anonymous” or use your first or even your full name. Anyone who has been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia can become involved with this publication!

Over the past few years, Susan Parker Rosen, who is a Fibromyalgia sufferer, has written and self-published two Novellas and two Short Stories with another Novella in the works. So, she has experienced how exciting it feels to see her words in print. And she can also speak from experience how books have the power to change lives.

Susan has been grateful to have received lovely feedback about how people have enjoyed reading her work.  Her main goal, when starting 101FIBRO, is to create a situation where people with Fibromyalgia can see their words in print. As a Fibromyalgia Sufferer, Susan knows first hand that we need to tell our stories, encourage others, and spread awareness. She can think of no better way than to provide you with this vehicle to tell your story about our horrid invisible disease.

As a contributor, you will receive everything you need to make your story a successful place in 101 FIBRO, which is due to be released early Summer 2018.

Fibromyalgia Sufferers, this your invitation to sign up now. The book 101FIBRO is the first in our 101 Series. We are so excited you are interested in joining us.

The 101 Team wanted to make this process open to anyone by making it FREE of charge for our collaborators.  We are asking that if you like what we are doing  we do accept donations of any amount. We have a Donation Button on the right hand side of this website, which you can do through Paypal. Thank you in advance if you do decide to donate, but please note it is NOT required of our collaborators.

We ask for donations, if it’s possible to help cover the costs of the publication. When you consider of all the associated costs, such as Book Cover Art, Marketing Artwork, Marketing costs, coordinating costs, website hosting, editing and coordinating costs, those that want to write and self-publish find it’s not always financially feasible, plus it can be very complicated if you are not accustomed with the process.

This effort is to provide enlightenment and encourage you, as a FIBRO sufferer, to help others.


So HURRY…don’t wait to sign up as a collaborator for this publication. This should help anyone that has a desire can write their story (maximum of 100 collaborators).

Take me to sign-up page.

These Collaborators of 101 FIBRO feel strongly about supporting those of us that also suffer with Fibromyalgia:

 Anonymous, Texas


“Worked in the art world my whole life. That is a silly Glamour Shot. As y’all may know, I can no longer wear makeup due to Fibromyalgia allergies; this was a one day thing, 4 yrs ago with false eyelashes! They made me look beautiful. No airbrushing though! My story in 101 Fibro will give you insight into how to grow past this disease.”


Isabel, New Jersey

bestisabelfibro RIP 8/28/31 to 4/3/17. Susan Parker Rosen’s beautiful Mom,  resided in a nursing home. She was so looking forward to writing about her life as she suffered from Polymyalgia and Fibromyalgia. With symptoms of severe pain, weak legs, and severe dizzy spells, she found it difficult to be mobile.  Although both diseases are different, Isabel wanted to pass on the wisdom of aging, while suffering from these diseases, and what aspects of Fibromyalgia exasperate the pain from Polymyalgia. Her daughter Susan knows first hand about her mother’s pain, and will write the story for mom. The 101Fibro book will be donated in her honor.


Koreen Pacher, Delaware

“I’m 56, married, and suffer with Fibromyalgia. My hobbies are gardening and soap making using my home-grown herbs. I look forward to telling my story in 101 FIBRO and spreading the word about Fibromyalgia.”

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