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An interesting mix of romance and mystery with a delightfully unique plot


A  lovely review from Amazon UK:

From what turns out to be a fairly ordinary encounter online on a social networking site about tracing family trees, lurks a mysterious persona who is in fact related to our main character’s ancestral history who is trying to uncover a mystery, one that entangles her with her so called on line friend, of whom hides a devastating secret. A secret so big, that it affects his family name, wealth and fortune.

In this fast-paced mystery story filled with lures of romantic encounters, to which is used to deceive our main character Sara, of whom is a hopeless romantic, we learn that there is no stopping of the human greed in an attempt to attain wealth, and despite what other reviewers say about the disjointed storyline, personally I found the story flowed freely and the chapters of Sara’s ancestor Bessie provided another depth to the story, similar to a flashback of memory.

Overall, a unique and entertaining read, and surprisingly, there are some hidden messages within that many could learn from, like choosing what status updates to post online and being aware of those who seem too charmingly good to be true.