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A little mystery and a little romance- that’s just up my alley!

I found the blurb for this book to be quite intriguing and although I was a bit wary due to some of the reviews I am glad I sat down to read it. The characters are enjoyable and I found myself cheering for them as the plot line progressed. I’m not going to lie- there were some parts that seemed to drag on but the more exciting parts of the book certainly made up for it. I suppose I enjoyed the book because I was able to relate to Sara so much- she is quite the character!

I spend a lot of my time doing ancestry research (about ten hours a week) and the detail that went into that part of the story is most enjoyable. With my background in ancestry I can attest that the more I learn about the deceased the more I grow to love them. Honestly, I would jump for the opportunity to be a character in this book, because I can totally relate.

All in all, this was money well-spent for me.