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Pocomoke City Md – BOOK SIGNING!!

6/22/18 – Susan Parker Rosen will be signing copies of her new book, “Cold Case in Cape May” on June 22nd 2018. Pocomoke City’s 4th Friday Art Stroll. Come by and say hi!

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This exciting Cape May Caper takes place in Cape May NJ as well as Long Neck Delaware. A two part “Izzy Short Story Series.”

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Announcing the 101Series! Our team has developed a collaboration of the many folks who suffer from invisible diseases. This new program is designed to spread awareness and empower those that suffer from these illnesses.

Our first in the series is 101FIBRO. We are now in the process of accepting new collaborators for this publication. Susan Parker Rosen will write her story as well as her own mother, Isabel Parker, who is now in a nursing home due to not only Fibromyalgia but with Polymyalgia as well. Susan worked full time most of her life and she will write about how working each and every day with severe pain changed her life. She was determined to tell her story and now you can too!



Susan Parker Rosen Book Signing!

This Friday night (10/14/2016) come out to Princess Anne Md as I help the Somerset Hidden Treasures celebrate their Anniversary! The event will run both Friday and Saturday and other authors will be signing their books at various times. I will be there from 2:00PM through 6:00Pm. Wine and Beer plus Fall Festival Goodies will be offered at that time. Come out and greet me, I’d love to meet you!


Somerset Treasures Somerset Hidden Treasures

Check out my work as I sign books at the Pocomoke City Art Stroll in Pocomoke City, MD this Sept 23rd 2016 from 5:00PM until 8:00PM! Music and Art!! Please let me know if you found my Book Signing here!

Pocomoke bridge

art stroll Pocomoke City




The 2nd in the Izzy Short Story Series Check it out:

missing cover image

“Creatively written this short story takes your mind on a journey. From beginning to end it kept me guessing as to what would happen next.”



I’m so excited about the unveiling of the new cover for “The Bastard Child.” Please let me know your feedback.

The Bastard Child Blue Green cover new 2016




Susan Parker Rosen releases Series One of  new “Izzy” Short Story Series!

Special announcement! The first short story series number one has been released for purchase.

“Alone in Rehoboth Beach”

Now available on Amazon:

Alone in Rehoboth Beach

 “This book “Alone in Rehoboth Beach” is an excellent read! As the main character, Izzy, escapes to the beach to get away from it all, she finds the answer that she was searching for. It’s witty and amusing but with the sense of love, devotion and friendship mixed in. Although it may be short, there a few plot twists that you won’t be expecting.”

As this is only Volume 1 in the series, I will be looking forward to the other books that will follow. If you are looking for a quick and refreshing book, I highly recommend this one!




My latest interview with “Considered Bookshelf.”

Here is one of the Q&A from that interview:

“Have you ever had any particularly good or bad reviews? How did you feel upon reading them?”

“The good reviews are of course flattering, especially when you have put several years into the writing of the book. Sure bad reviews are hard to take sometimes but you wouldn’t be a writer without them.”



Check our my interview on the Writer’s Lounge F. Kenneth Taylor:

Take a minute and watch the exclusive video of “The Bastard Child.”



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