Thrilling, Gripping, Entertaining!

The Bastard Child jumps back and forth in time, detailing a haunting past life and a new mystery. I absolutely loved this novel. The characters were compelling and well-written. The story itself is very unique and I could tell the author put a lot of research into make the historical bits accurate and time appropriate. The author even provides footnotes for some of the more obscure historical terms and items. The mystery at the heart of this novel will make you fly through the book, as you try to uncover the truth. In addition to the thrilling mystery, there is a budding romance that pairs so well and keeps the main character grounded in the present even though she longs for the past.


AMAZING!!!! Customer Reviews: The Bastard Child

The Bastard Child is by far the most unique book I think I have read so far. Nothing like what i expected from the title, it by far blew me away. I stayed on the edge of my seat waiting for every next page and sentence. For the era it was dated in it was smoothly written and left me wanting more….

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Great Story by Susan Parker Rosen

The Bastard Child by is my second great read from this prolific author, the story is about a woman Sara traced her family tree due to some mysterious stories which led to her unfolding the history, humanity and life in ways one can never imagine. The author Susan Parker Rosen has once again created a plot that will keep you reading until the very end and I also like romance side of the story which easily flows into the adventure part of the story as well, well written and the descriptive skills is awesome. I appreciate the author for writing an amazing story.


Excellent book

“I just love Susan Parker Rosen! ‘The Bastard Child’ is the second book that I have read of hers and I loved it as much as the first one. I like that the book has a mysterious tone to it and you find out later that the main character, Sara, is trying to solve a family mystery. Deception takes place as the others in the story do not want Sara to find out the truth about her heritage. There are a few good surprises that kept me on my toes. I also like that I did not find any errors in this book as that has been the case in some of the Kindle books that I have read by other authors. I highly recommend this book!”


What a Terrific Book this Was!

“What a terrific book this was! Susan Parker Rosen had me from the first page with Bessie to the last chapter with Sara. I couldn’t put it down. Not only was it suspenseful through out the book but it was also historical. I was shocked by the conditions that the girls lived and worked at the Magdalene’s Laundry/Asylum. Sara is a wonderful character who comes to life as we share her journey for the truth. This is definitely a good read!”


Just up my Alley

A little mystery and a little romance- that’s just up my alley!

I found the blurb for this book to be quite intriguing and although I was a bit wary due to some of the reviews I am glad I sat down to read it. The characters are enjoyable and I found myself cheering for them as the plot line progressed. I’m not going to lie- there were some parts that seemed to drag on but the more exciting parts of the book certainly made up for it. I suppose I enjoyed the book because I was able to relate to Sara so much- she is quite the character!

I spend a lot of my time doing ancestry research (about ten hours a week) and the detail that went into that part of the story is most enjoyable. With my background in ancestry I can attest that the more I learn about the deceased the more I grow to love them. Honestly, I would jump for the opportunity to be a character in this book, because I can totally relate.

All in all, this was money well-spent for me.


Susan Parker Rosen, for her first work….

“just finished this Indie book and I am Here to say how much I’ve enjoyed the exciting plot. I usually read best sellers and work by well known authors and I must say that we should find this book in those categories. The story takes place in modern times and reverts back to the victorian age too; how clever. Sara the main character is very likable that we find ourselves rooting for her as she tries to solve a mystery of a missing family member from the past. Sara is deceived from the beginning and then falls in love, to find out what happens you will need to read the book. Susan Parker Rosen, for her first work, did an excellent job and I hope to see another released by this author.”


An interesting mix of romance and mystery with a delightfully unique plot

A  lovely review from Amazon UK:

From what turns out to be a fairly ordinary encounter online on a social networking site about tracing family trees, lurks a mysterious persona who is in fact related to our main character’s ancestral history who is trying to uncover a mystery, one that entangles her with her so called on line friend, of whom hides a devastating secret. A secret so big, that it affects his family name, wealth and fortune.

In this fast-paced mystery story filled with lures of romantic encounters, to which is used to deceive our main character Sara, of whom is a hopeless romantic, we learn that there is no stopping of the human greed in an attempt to attain wealth, and despite what other reviewers say about the disjointed storyline, personally I found the story flowed freely and the chapters of Sara’s ancestor Bessie provided another depth to the story, similar to a flashback of memory.

Overall, a unique and entertaining read, and surprisingly, there are some hidden messages within that many could learn from, like choosing what status updates to post online and being aware of those who seem too charmingly good to be true.