101FIBRO faq’s

  • Can anyone write for 101Fibro? Yes, but only if you have been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. You do not need to be a writer to be a part of this. We will help your story be your best. If you want to become a part of this use this link and fill-out the short form. It’s important to provide the name you wish to use. http://susanparkerrosen.com/101fibro-sign-up-page/
  •  Can I be a Collaborator, I never wrote anything before? No worries! We will help you every  step of the way. Once you sign-up you will receive many tips to help you write a fantastic story.


  • What if I suffer from Chronic Fatigue, but do not have Fibromyalgia? We know that they are related and perhaps our next book will be on CFS, but this publication is only for Fibromyalgia only.


  • Is there a charge to become involved?To help out those that want to get started in this program,  we are now offering ALL SPOTS FREE!!  We understand that many of us with this disease may be in a position that you cannot work  or may have high health care costs, prescriptions, etc.. The team at the 101Series wants to make certain that anyone that wants to become involved you can do so without the worry of a collaboration fee.
  • Why are you asking for donations We have many expenses associated with this project to ensure it’s success. Some of those costs are book design graphics, advertising, proofreading, editing plus coordination efforts to make certain that the project runs smoothly.  We are looking at other methods to cover the expenses of this program. We are asking that if you can, and only if you can… please donate using GO FUND ME help us cover these costs. This is no way required and if you do donate any amount will be appreciated. ,
  • How do I know if there collaboration spots left? We will take down the “sign-up page” once all 100 spots are gone.
  •  Why do I need to use a form to sign-up? The form was designed to help you use the name format that you wish your story be published as. For example Susan still uses a pen name of Susan Parker Rosen. as her pen name.  You can also use “anonymous”  instead of your name if you would rather. We do want to print the state you reside or the country. We also like to keep your full address on file and it is not shared with anyone. Fill out the form here.
  •   How many words do will I be expected to write? You will be asked to write a maximum of    350 words. “Microsoft Word” can also help with the word count.


  • What format do I use to submit my story? We prefer that your submission be a “Microsoft Word Document. ” If you do not have word you can use “Notepad.”  If you do not have access to either Microsoft Word or Notepad please contact me. We will do our best to accommodate anyone who wants to be a part of this.
  • How much time do we have to write our stories? Once we have 100 Collaborators signed up we will notify all collaborators. Then our projection is to have all stories to our editor by 30 days from that point. So once you sign up please start thinking about your story. One tip we have for staying on target.. is to start taking notes each time you think of something of interest for your story.


  • When will the book be published? We are slated for publication in June 2017. Many things need to happen first; if we change our publication date we will notify you in our newsletter(s) so keep an eye out for us in your email.


  • Is my story edited? Yes, but we will do our best to keep your voice intact; if there are glaring errors we will of course make changes for your review. Please do your best to submit a story that has been proofread. Another reason to use “Microsoft Word” as there is a proofreading tool to help you correct misspelled words, missing commas, etc.


  • Can I mention the natural products or medications I use for relief? Yes, we will encourage that you write about things that helped you with this disease. Just be sure not to promote products you personally offer for sale nor about anything that is not legal in the state or area where you reside.


  • Do collaborators receive copies of the published book? All collaborators can purchase books directly from the 101 Series team at a  discount. We will send out this information via email to all collaborators. You can resell the 101FIBRO books by holding book signings, etc. We will also have programs and contests from time-to-time to help you earn FREE books.

More questions for our team, contact us at 101fibro@gmail.com.